Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth. Dentures may be complete, used when all teeth are missing in the mouth or in a single arch, or they may be partial, replacing one or more missing teeth. Dentures are a prosthetic device, that is, an artificial device intended to replace a missing part of the body, in this case, the dentition. As such, dentures, whether complete or partial, can never fully replicate the function and comfort of natural teeth; however, our goal is to fabricate dentures that are comfortable, have a natural appearance, and help to restore function to the extent possible.Complete dentures, used when all teeth are missing in an arch, generally last from 6-10 years before they need relining, or remaking; this figure will vary from person to person. The reason that dentures need replacement is that denture teeth, made from acrylic resin or plastic gradually wear out over time. Also, the bone and soft tissue that serve as a base for your denture, resorbs, or shrinks over time. The process of resorption occurs at different rates for different people, but is generally more pronounced during the first 12-18 months after teeth have been extracted, and is more dramatic for the mandibular (lower) arch compared with the upper arch.Our office recommends that denture wearers leave their dentures out during the hours of sleep to allow the tissues of their mouth to rest. We also recommend that our denture patients have periodic exams, generally every 6 months, in order to have an oral cancer screening, to clean and evaluate the denture, to treat any sore spots that may have developed, and to determine if the denture(s) is still functioning at its optimal level.

One very exciting treatment option that is now available is to use mini-implants to stabilize, and increase retention, especially for lower dentures. Many denture wearers tell us that their lower dentures tend to have excess movement- mini-implants will reduce movement, and have the added benefit of helping reduce the amount of bone resorption (bone loss) that you may experience over time.Partial dentures, used to replace one or more missing teeth, are fabricated using a variety of materials, and can be made in such a way that clasp arms are not visible when you smile.

Our major goal as an office is to help you maintain your natural dentition, to the extent possible. However, we recognize that many of our patients need tooth replacement. We strive to make dentures that are not easily detected by others, so that you can smile with confidence, and enjoy the benefits of eating a wide variety of foods. Schedule a consultation with our office today, so that we can review the best options.

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