Oral Surgery

Although we provide many services to retain the teeth you have, there are times when tooth removal is the best option.  Needing to have a dental extraction can provoke anxiety, and a variety of questions.  Our staff works hard to make sure that all you questions are answered in a way that you can easily understand. During your oral surgical procedure, we are focused on you, making sure that you are relaxed and comfortable.  We also go to great lengths to remove your tooth in the gentlest, least traumatic way, so that surrounding teeth, tissue, and jaw bone can heal in an optimal manner.  In various situations, we utilize methods for socket and bone preservation, which helps protect your bone level, and may prepare the way for future placement of dental implants. Most dental extractions are provided here at our office, but in some more complex situations, you will be referred  to one of the highly competent Oral Surgeon that we have established a relationship with.

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