Periodontal Care

You may have been told that you have periodontal disease.  Unfortunately, you are not alone, for periodontal disease affects a very high proportion of the adult population.  It is responsible for a wide variety of dental problems, including bleeding and receding gums, loosening and shifting of teeth, foul breath, cavities deep on the root surface, and in many cases loss of teeth.

Many people may be aware that they have periodontal disease but are unaware of the implications it may have for their overall health.  Periodontal disease, in various studies, has been linked to heart disease, certain respiratory problems, diabetes, premature birth, etc.

Periodontal disease affects the supporting structures for your teeth and roots- the gums (gingival tissue), the supporting bone (alveolus), and the periodontal ligament.  Certain oral bacteria colonize these areas, resulting in the weakening of the support for your dentition.  Untreated periodontal disease remains a major cause of edentulous (loss of teeth).

There are a number of factors that contribute to acquiring this disease: among them are smoking, diabetes, heredity, lack of effective dental home care, including flossing, lack of routine dental check-ups and dental care, etc.  As you consider this list you will notice that some factors are beyond your control, but most involve behaviors that can be changed or improved.

Our office is heavily focused on treating periodontal disease, recognizing the serious nature of this problem.  Our dental hygienist, in cooperation with Dr. Sessler, will carefully evaluate your periodontal status and formulate a plan that is customized to address your individual needs.  If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, a routine dental cleaning will not be sufficient to address the  problem.

Our goal is to help you maintain your periodontal health at an excellent level, so that you can enjoy all the health benefits that result from periodontal wellness.


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