Preventive Dentistry

A good, healthy diet, choosing food and beverages low in sugar, daily effective brushing and flossing, are great ways to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.  Coming in for check-ups and a dental cleaning, at least every six months, is a great way to help yourself along the path to lifelong dental wellness. We believe that with good care, your mouth can remain healthy for your whole lifetime.  We know when a person is in good dental health they tend to be happier, have better self-esteem, and have avariety of opportunities in society that might otherwise be closed to them.Each new patient at our office receives a complete and comprehensive exam with Dr. Sessler. Our dental assistants carefully listen to you, to understand you dental and health history, and to understand your view of your dental needs as they prepare for your exam by the doctor.  We definitely appreciate your questions, and consider a valuable partner in your dental health.  Dental x-rays are ordered for you when there is an expectation that diagnostic benefit will result.Our office utilizes digital radiography for all the dental x-rays you need.  Digital dental x-rays are a relatively new technology that results in lower radiation exposure to you, the patient, as well as benefits in providing an image that can be displayed and carefully examined, as well as easily stored and transmitted when needed, to other providers.We consider that your dental health is a key to your overall health and well-being. Our office promotes and encourages a healthy overall lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious foods, exercise, maintenance of normal weight, maintenance of blood pressure at a normal level, smoking cessation, and avoidance of excessive levels of alcohol consumption, etc.

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