Teeth Whitening

We can help brighten your smile!


We offer a good, better and best option for our patients for the most effective whitening!


Sheer Whites

Shade: For 2-3 shades visibly whiter teeth

Includes 5 full treatments- 5 upper and 5 lower strips

These are disposable strips worn for 2 hours or overnight then removed

Easy to wear and a pleasant taste

Quick Pro

Shade: For 4 shades visibly whiter teeth almost instantly

For patients who prefer a single appointment, in-office treatment

Procedure:  5 minute in-chair process

Maintain for 20 minutes

Repeat the 5-minute in-chair process

We can provide this treatment at your hygiene appointment!

Custom Trays

Shade: For 4 + shades visibly whiter teeth and maintenance of this new shade

Only requires one in-chair appointment prior to delivery!

The whitening trays are custom fit for your teeth

Whiten for 15 minutes or overnight based on your preference

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